Feb 9, 2011

Tigaraksa Satria - Administration

As the leading consumer products distribution company, we provide only the best of our value sales and distribution services. Look to Tigaraksa for quality products, reliable distribution, knowledgeable people and innovative ideas. Tigaraksa has the organization and systems to help our customers.
Administration (ADM)
Batam, Medan, Lampung, Padang and Jambi
  • Male/female, age max. 28 years old
  • Education min. D3 majoring in Accounting/Management/Information Technology
  • Able to do Administrative division
  • Able to operate computer
  • Thorough and attention with detail section
  • Location work at Batam, Medan, Lampung, Padang and Jambi
Please send your application with subject code to : 

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