Feb 1, 2011

PT Semen Tonasa - Technical Trainee

PT. SEMEN TANOSA open opportunities to Son-Miss Indonesia kerkembang best to join together and become employees of PT Semen Tonasa through the Technical Program Trainee PT Semen Tonasa.

The opportunity is open to graduate high school / vocational school with the Department:

Programs & Code

   1. Power Technics (TLI)
   2. Technics Electronic Industry (TEI)
   3. Technics Machine / Mechanical / Welding (TMI)
   4. Technical Architecture (TGB)
   1. Accounting (Akt)
   1. Chemical Industry (TKI)
   1. Chemical Analyst (AKA)
   1. IPA (IPA)
   2. IPS (IPS)

a. WNI Male / Female
b. Sound mind and body to perform job duties in PT Semen Tonasa
c. Programs are proposed must be in accordance with educational background
d. The average value SKHUN minimum of 6 and the results of competency examinations min 7 (unuk CMS) or min 7 for SMU
e. Minimum age limit of 18 years, yet 26 years old on 1 February 2011
f. Willing to be placed throughout the work PT. Semen Tonasa

Application documents sent in a sealed brown envelope by writing the appropriate code majors listed in point 1 (one)
Applications sent to this address:
HRD PT Semen Tonasa through:
a. PO.BOX PKN 90 600 3000 or
b. PO.BOX MS 90 000 3000
And received no later than February 14, 2011 (postmark) via special delivery
Note: The committee did not receive a direct registration (must be through a PO BOX)

completed application the following documents:
a. Application
b. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
c. FC Diploma & SKHUN which has been legalized
d. FC ID card and birth certificate / Birth Signs
e. Recent color photographs of 3 pieces of 4x6 size
f. Attach a statement himself about not being involved in the abuse of narcotics and other addictive substances.

a. The selection process consists of:
   - Selection Administration
   - Learning Potential Test
   - Basic Competence Test (TKD)
   - In English Test
   - Fitness Test / Physical
   - Psikotest (personality, attitude, motivation, work attitudes)
   - Health Test (complete)
b. Selection held in Pangkep and Napier
c. Selection / Test held by the system fall

Results of selection of each stage of the test was announced through mass media / newspapers
Applicants who pass the selection process above, will follow the training program with the status of Technical Trainee (TT) for 9 months include:
  - Training & Special base
  - Training & Management Bintal Qalbu
  - Orientation & On Job Training

For participants who pass the TT would be appointed as a probationary officer subs 3 months, after passing probation was appointed permanent employees

a. Cover letter which had been sent / received oelh HRD PT Semen Tonasa non-refundable
b. Not charged a fee to participate in the selection process
c. Only applicants who meet the requirements called
d. Applicants who have input a cover letter to PT Semen Tonasa before it was published this announcement is not considered valid
e. Committee decisions can not be contested.


HRD PT Semen Tonasa

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