Feb 14, 2011

PT PLN (Persero) Level S1/D4 - D3 in 2011

PT PLN (Persero) with the vision are recognized as world-class companies that grow, flower, superior and reliable human potentials, open opportunities to the best son of Indonesia who already have work experience to join and grow with a staff of PT PLN (Persero) through Employee Recruitment program of PT PLN (Persero) Level S1/D4 - D3 in 2011. To facilitate the participants, selection will be made on Saturday or Sunday at 3 (three) major cities of Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

Participants who pass the selection recruitment reception will be educated to occupy a position in accordance with their competence and be placed in the unit and working areas of PT PLN (Persero).

Recruitment Process Employee PT PLN (Persero) using knock-out, includes the following phases:
1. Registration via the Online Registration
2. Verification Documents
3. Selection
4. Training Prajabatan

Selections include:
a. General Aptitude Test (GAT).
b. Academic and English tests.
c. Psychological tests and group discussions.
d. Health Test.
e. Interview.

Participants who pass the selection will be called to follow Prajabatan Training, and if passed will be appointed as an Officer of PT PLN (Persero) and placed in the position proposed position across the Units and Work Area PT PLN (Persero) in the Outer Java-Bali.

a. Selection reception held in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Participants can choose their own selection of places he wanted;
b. Gender Male;
c. Unmarried status and willing to undergo training are not married for Prajabatan;
d. Age Limit:
o S1/D4: Birth of 1985 and thereafter;
o D3: The Birth, 1987 and thereafter.
e. Field of Study in accordance with the proposed position;
f. GPA:
o GPA> 2.75 for Engineering;
o GPA> 3.00 for Non-Technical;
g. One applicant is only allowed to choose 1 (one) position code just as field of study that is owned;
h. Applicants may choose not S1/D4 level comparable position D3 (down grade);
i. Sound mind and body to perform job duties at PT PLN (Persero) in Indonesia;
j. Not charged a fee to participate in the selection and training Prajabatan held by PT PLN (Persero);
k. All announcements / calls relating to this recruitment using the website PT PLN (Persero). Applicants are required to monitor continuously the announcement to be aired on the website of PT PLN (Persero);
l. No correspondence relating to this recruitment;
m. Committee decisions can not be contested.

Apply Online on http://www.pln.co.id

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