Feb 2, 2011

Provinsi Jawa Tengah - Sarjana Penggerak Pembangunan di Pedesaan (SP3)

Central Java Provincial Government
Department of Youth and Sports 
Announcement Registration Receipt 
Bachelor of Acceleration of Development in Rural Areas (SP-3) 
Budgets Prov. Central Java Force II Year 2011 

In order to support the Bali Desa Mbangun Village Central Java Provincial Government (department of youth and sports) 2011 S1 degree requires 25 people to be assigned in the village as the degree of development in rural areas during the 10-month contract period (March 1 to December 31, 2011) with provisions as follows:

  • S1. 
  • Maximum age 29 years. 
  • Preferably have experience of organizing extra-curricular civic least 2 yr. 
  • Having the ability to write and to document the report. 
  • Not married. 
  • Physically and mentally healthy. 
  • Good behavior. 
  • Drug-Free. 
  • Not bound by employment contracts at institutions anywhere. 
  • Willing is not a civil servant during the contract period. 
  • Willing to sign the employment contract. 
  • Willing to be placed in the village (in Wil. Kab. Pati, Demak, Batang, Boyolali, Banyumas and Cilacap) 
  • Passed the selection acceptance SP-3 
  • Willing to follow the briefing before serving in the village placement 
  • Cover letter addressed to the Head of Department of Youth and Sports Prov. Central Java. 
  • Curriculum Vitae. 
  • Health Certificate. 
  • SKCK from police. 
  • Not Married stamped letter stating Rp.6.000, - 
  • Letter of statement would be placed in the Village. 
  • Letters are not bound by a contract statement of work with any party. 
  • The letter would not be a civil servant statement during the contract period. 
  • FC. Last diplomas and transcripts which have been legalized. 
  • FC. KTP. 
  • Pas Foto 4x6 = 2 Lb 
Candidate Registration SP-3: Date. January 25 s.d. February 4, 2011. Place of registration: 
Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports District. Starch. Jl. Panglima Sudirman N0.12 Pati. 
Department of Education, Youth and Sports Bar district. Jl. Slamet Riyadi 29 bars. 
Department of Education, Youth and Sports District. Boyolali. JL. 230 Pandanaran Kab. Boyolali 
Department of Youth and Sports District. Banyumas. Jl. Prof. Dr. Soeharso No. 45 Purwokerto. 
Department of Education, Youth and Sports District. Cilacap. Jl. No Kalimantan. 51 Cilacap. 
Department of Education, Youth and Sports District. Demak. Jl. Kalonsari No. Demak 89. 
Department of Youth and Sports of Central Java Province. Jl. Ki Mangunsarkoro No. 12 Semarang 
Administrative Selection: Date, 4 s.d. February 6, 2011. By the Registration Committee (District). 
Written Test and Interview: 
Participants are participants who pass the test the district administration. 
Implementation of written tests and interviews: 
day / date: Monday, 14 February 2011 
Hours: 09.00 am s.d. completed. 
Venue: 2nd Floor Hall Dinpora Central Java Province 
Jl. Ki Mangunsarkoro No. 12 Semarang. 
Note: Participants take tests for proof of registration card. 
Written Test Materials: 
The basics of rural development. 
Local Government Act. 
Understanding Undergraduate Program in Rural Development Activator (SP-3). 
Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Potential Village (Opinion / paper that was made when a written test) 
Material interview: 
Innovation / creativity. 
Family backgrounds. 
Announcement of the Candidate Selection Results SP-3 on the date, February 16, 2011. 
Download the complete announcement below:
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