Feb 4, 2011

Kompas Gramedia - Graphic Designer, Photoghrapher, Reporter

Starting from the Digest, published for the first time on August 7, 1963, now the Group of Magazine - Kompas Gramedia while maintaining the initial commitment to publishing products that provide quality information with respect to the values prevailing in society.

Business basis Group of Magazine - Kompas Gramedia is publishing periodicals. Until recently the Group of Magazine has more or less than 40 tabloids and magazines. In the future, the Group of Magazine will go into every segment of the existing and is in the position of market leader.

To strengthen its position, the Group of Magazine - Kompas Gramedia into each segment in accordance with the existing business base by taking into account market developments and technologies such as print media, electronic media, digital initiative, events and communities as well as in the position of market leader.

Graphic Designer


  • Education Min. D3 Graphic Design / Fine Arts / Architecture etc.
  • Able to design / create a design for a magazine
  • Experienced create promotional materials for the event (preferred)
  • InDesign CS2 can operate the software, 2D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Freehand
  • Able to work in teams
  • Attach examples of magazine layout design or illustration on the theme that you're interested!
Photoghrapher (Freelance)


  • Education Min. D3 any discipline
  • Mastering the techniques of photography
  • Experienced in the field of photography at least 1 year (preferred)
  • Like the journalism world
  • Able to work in teams
  • Attach examples of your own portfolio of photo work with a theme that you are interested in.



  • S1 Education Journalism / Communications / Psychology / IT / Interior Design / Architectural Engineering and other
  • Glad Writing
  • Able to speak English / other foreign
  • Preferably with experience of journalism
  • Following the development of the field of interior / architecture / property (for reporters Interior)
  • Attach: sample articles of your own work with a theme that you're interested!

Submit your complete application file along with your CV, portfolio, a copy of transcripts and diploma, copy of ID card, and recent photograph with position code as soon as possible with the email subject or application, to:

HRD KOMPAS GRAMEDIA - Group of Magazine
Gd. Kompas Gramedia Unit 1 Lt.8
Jl. Panjang no. 8A, Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta 11530
Email: edina@gramedia-majalah.com

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